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A chance encounter...a passion for all things French...and a love of the paranormal came together to create the "Enchanted Bloodline" series. 

An avid reader since obtaining my first library card, I've always dreamt of writing novels.

My chance encounter with a beautiful stranger in a Manhattan restaurant was the impetus for my first novel, Immortal Obsession. My obsession with Paris, the Bourbon Kings, and the French Revolution spawned my two favorite vampires, Christian Du Maure and Michel Baptiste, while my childhood obsession with everything metaphysical and paranormal is the thread that weaves through all my stories.

Aside from writing, I spent many years in the business office of a non-profit special needs school in my home state of New Jersey. An undergraduate degree in anthropology fed my curiosity and awe of Native Americans and non-Western cultures, particularly the head-hunting culture of the Asmat of New Guinea.


Graduate work in museum professions fueled my love of museums and art history. I had the great pleasure to intern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the locations featured in my novels.

Thank you for visiting. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay! Comment on the blog, leave a review for a novel, or just browse awhile!

Denise K. Rago

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