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Guide to Locations Found in the "Enchanted Bloodlines" Series

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Greenwich Village: a neighborhood in Manhattan, commonly known as the Village. Home to artists.

Bethesda Fountain: a fountain featuring the Angel of the Waters statue on top, overlooking the

Lake in Central Park, Manhattan, New York.

Bourbons: the French royal family that ruled France from 1589 -1792, encompassing Louis XIII through Louis XVI.

Cataphile: a term for anyone who likes to going down into the catacombs of Paris.

Louvre: the former palace of the French kings; public museum since 1793.

Guillotine: an apparatus designed to carry out executions by beheading which was commonly used during the Révolution Française.

Pont Neuf: the oldest standing bridge spanning the Seine. Decorated with 381 mascarons or stone masks representing the heads of forest and field divinities from ancient mythology.

Île Saint-Louis: one of two natural islands in the Seine River, connected to the rest of Paris by four bridges. Home to Notre-Dame Cathedral.

La Conciergerie: principal prison during the Révolution Française. The most famous prisoner being Marie Antoinette.

Révolution Française: period of social and political upheaval in eighteenth-century France from

1789 to 1799.

Central Park: the largest public park in Manhattan, New York.

​Le bal masque: a masked ball, popular in eighteenth century French court life.

Versailles: a hunting lodge then the royal home of the French Kings; now a museum.

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