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As Halloween Approaches

I don't know about you but I have always loved Halloween.

As a kid I would trick or treat in my neighbor. My dad would take my friends and I around and I remember the first time I was allowed out all by myself.  My girlfriend and I never left our neighbor. We were safe on our hill and seemed to get plenty of candy.

Okay, I love the fall in general. Cooler nights, a crisp afternoon breeze,leaves changing colors against a muted blue sky. Corn husks, pumpkins, gourds, mums.  Boots, sweaters, candles, reading in front of the fire.....the smell of warm apple pie...yes I love the fall while it ushers in the harshest time of the year: winter. I hate winter, really I do. I sneak away to Florida as much as I possibly can to soak up sun and warmth.

Traditionally, fall is the time of year marked by significant change for me.  The death of my father, and my beloved grandfather, a Thanksgiving spent without my mother who went into rehab  for drug and alcohol issues just days before the holiday. Other losses to painful to share.  Ironically, most of my family has birthdays in October and November and I am so grateful for them all: parents, siblings, children.

As the sun moves from Libra into Scorpio I feel a bit of a chill while loving the change all around me. It is bittersweet, a double edged sword as the saying goes.  

Transformation, joy and the coming darkness all rolled into one.

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