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Authors this Author Can’t Live Without ~ Part 3

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

March is such a long month as we transition from winter to spring and so I thought I would devote several blog posts to those authors I love to read whom I want to share them with you! Who knows, perhaps you have read them as well,  or maybe, like me, you will make a fabulous discovery and add these authors to your list of ‘must reads.” As an avid reader I am always on the look-out for new authors and I am sometimes amazed at how I discover them.

British author, Angie Marsons writes great detective novels.  Her protagonist, Detective Kim Stone is a very interesting lady with a past which is revealed over the course of each novel.  I like that I don’t know everything about her.  ‘Blood Lines’ is the Fifth D.I. Kim Stone novel but hopefully not the last.  I love her characters and her novels are truly nail biters.

American author Ronald Malfi wrote one of my all-time favorite novels, ‘Floating Staircase,’ the story of a troubled writer and a haunted house.  He knows how to weave a tale which is brilliant yet horrific. I’ll read anything he writes.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog this month as much as I have enjoyed sharing such great writers with you.  I always welcome your comments and please share your favorite authors with me too.

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