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Eternal Hunger..... A Taste

I have been working diligently on the third book in my series, titled Eternal Hunger.  I thought I would come up for air and give my patient readers a taste of Part Three. Join Michel as he wanders the streets of Paris once again......

The last time I had walked past the Louvre it was still the home of our King Louis XVI, a royal palace on the verge of utter collapse.  The city was a buzz with change. Ideas which today are taken for granted were then in their infancy.  There was no middle class, no women’s rights, no children’s health care or a voice for the common man. Looking back at the history of Paris, I grew to understand the why’s of the French Revolution.  Christ, Christian read enough books on the subject, but at the time, it was chaos, bloodshed and fear.  You could pluck it out of the air, it hung so heavy.  

And yet Paris was so beautiful, like a luscious mistress she welcomed us vampires.  She always had something to give and we took; mortal after mortal.  In the darkness we snatched them up and dumped their vapid corpses in the Seine.  Aristocrats embraced us.  We wore the finest lace blouses, buckled shoes and silk trousers.  We were immune from guilt or worry….. All we had to do was drink and fornicate as we lingered in their salons, listening, playing their games while they chattered on and on, debating ideas, eating and drinking while the guillotine lay in wait like a jealous lover, waiting to take them back and devour them.

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