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Goth Clubs - What's the Real Deal?

Both Immortal Obsession and Blood Tears feature a club which becomes the meeting place of mortals and vampires, with each race having something to gain or lose. For the vampires, it's a chance to mingle and lure willing prey right to them. For the mortals, it's a chance to mingle, to see and be seen with the undead. (Remember Fangtasia from “True Blood”?). The name of this goth club is The Grey Wolf, located in the East Village, and owned by (of course) Christian and Michel, my two main vampire men.

The first time our protagonist, Amanda goes is with her friend, Bethany, to find Christian – the “beautiful vampire who saved her life”. It takes awhile to work up her nerve but once she does...

Amanda followed Bethany into a huge room with high ceilings. It took a minute to adjust to the darkness. Loud music blared from huge speakers suspended from a second floor cat-walk. They stood for a moment as young men and women moved past them. Amanda scanned the room, not exactly sure what she was looking for. The crowd was made up of mostly young, average-looking college students, wearing way too much leather and eye make-up. Pink and blue lights bathed them in an eerie glow.

I see him.” Amanda yelled taking Bethany hand. “Keep walking."

As if he sensed her presence, he stopped talking and look right at her. His face was half hidden behind a curtain of hair, but their eyes locked as she came closer. The bartender came closer dangling a wine glass.

"Michel, this is Amanda Perretti.” Christian gestured as if he were presenting her.

"Welcome to The Grey Wolf,” he said, and she heard the trace of a French accent. Then he kissed her hand before she could react.

What's the goth club scene look like these days? The underground Goth club scene throbs a couple clicks below-the-radar and doesn’t heat up till well past midnight. Depending on which club you're visiting, you can enjoy the sounds of both recent and classic goth, deathrock, dark dance and electronic body music. Dress up, and go cyber bodice or Goth Lolita. And you can hit up clubs such as The Court of Lazarus. Calling itself New York’s original Salon Noir, the Court started as a socializing haven for the dark and delightful, but quickly organized as a full-out Vampiric Court. (Just fyi, this particular one isn't for newbies – i.e. Fangtasia it's not).

So have you ever been to a goth club? Were you a goth kid back in the day? What are your thoughts on the subculture? Let me know in the comments below!

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