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In Praise of The Enchanted Bloodline Series

Immortal Obsession

Immortal Obsession is a must-read for all paranormal romance fans! While very reminiscent of Anne Rice’s vampire novels, make no mistake, it is all very different and very much original. Rago takes vampire lore and turns it on its head. I was entranced from the very first page. ~Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews~

Immortal Obsession is a great vampire book. The author's writing style reminded me a lot of Anne Rice's. The plot had me turning pages late into the night wondering what was going to happen next.  I can't wait for the next book in the series. I recommend it for fans of paranormal romance. I also recommend it for Anne Rice fans. ~Kayla’s Reads and Reviews 5 Stars~

Immortal Obsession is a book with so many layers of history and emotion you simply cannot stop turning pages to see what happens next. ~Vampire Romance Books~

Ms. Rago’s debut book really shines with great writing, a plot that moves smoothly, with twists and turns, and great characterization. This is a great mix of paranormal and intrigue and I cannot wait to see what else comes out from this author. ~Storm Goddess Book Reviews ~ 4 Lightning Bolts~

Immortal Obsession seamlessly takes the reader into the world of vampires from 18th century France to present-day Manhattan. The vivid imagery in her writing made me feel as though I was walking the streets of Paris with the French Revolution raging around me. ~Vampire Romance Books~

Blood Tears

Blood Tears is a hauntingly beautiful story-line with passion, love, betrayal, friendship, obsession, and secrets. ~Kat Valentine~

Blood Tears is a beautifully written and at times a melancholic paranormal romance. ~Paranormal Book Lovers~

One of the things that draws me to these books is the settings. Denise’s love of the French Revolution and art shine through her work. The way she describes Paris, New York, and these immortals, with vivid and rich descriptions, is enjoyable to read. ~Bookworm Reviews~

There are so many twists and turns that I was hooked! ~Totally Bookalicious~

Blood Tears is rich in historical detail and meticulous in establishing the connections between characters.  Even as answers are revealed, the mysterious deepen. ~Bitten By Books~

An admirable second offering by an author who clearly loves her closely researched French Revolution and the paranormals she has chosen to populate her stories. ~Engraved: All Things Writing~

This book is full of emotion, conflict, and vivid images of Paris, both past and present. It is a quiet unassuming love story that grows on a reader, page after page. ~Paranormal Romance Guild~

Eternal Hunger

I have not read a historical vampire series this well written since the great Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. ~Kat Valentine~

It’s been a while since I had read a paranormal romance with a story that could capture my attention as this one did. Every so often you get an author’s great touch or spin on the vampires they create. ~Paranormal Romance Guild~

The author has a passion for art and the French Revolution and her descriptive passages about France and its museums are nice to read about.  I like that the plot has many layers that are revealed bit by bit and the writing is dramatic. ~Book worm Reviews~

This series is a great one and I could definitely see it being made into a television show. ~Danielle’s Domain~

Rago weaves a complex web of a storyline with a full ensemble cast of really deeply defined characters. ~Danielle’s Domain~

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