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When life gets in the way

It's been quite a while since I posted here. This is what happens when life gets in the way. I mean this in a good way as I work on not one, not two but three pieces which I hope to publish next year.

Coupled with settling into my new life here in South Florida, the days fly by at such a rapid pace. Soon Thanksgiving will be here (my favorite holiday) followed by Hanukkah and Christmas. The town where I live decorates for both observances with beautiful light displays, festive music and activities for kids. It's truly joyous.

I promise to be more "present" no pun intended, in the new year. Blogging more, sharing more. I'm not good at it but I am certainly grateful any time you drop by to visit. As the holidays approach, my advice: pick up a good book and sit back with your favorite beverage. Mine happens to be coffee. When I used to have a fireplace, the combination of all three was heaven. Enjoy the colder weather and be well.

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Marianne Bex-Welters
Marianne Bex-Welters
Nov 08, 2023

than you are a busy bee, with 3 books under the hood as they call it overhere, but i love your books you are a great writher, cant wait to read the rest of Christian and his friends, wishing you a great season!🌿

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