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New Horizons

The pandemic has taught me many lessons over this past year. Two jump out at me: Don't wait to make your future your present and have no regrets. The little voice inside my head that keeps whispering "if only, why didn't I?" will now be silenced.

I have wanted to spend more time with my husband in Florida where we have a place close to the beach. I want to delve back into the world of my vampires and work on my fourth novel. I grew tired of waiting and wondering when I could make all of this happen for me. Life is short, don't you agree? So, I have taken a leap and decided to retire. Not from work or from toil or from life; but from the position I have held on and off for many years at an incredible school for children with special needs. This school is my home, a place I have lived most of my adult life and have made life-long friends.

Thomas Wolfe wrote a famous novel titled 'You Can't Go Home Again' but I don't believe that. I feel that 'home' feels different for each of us. Home is my work place, my apartment, my family. What does home mean to you?

So, now I take that step off of the proverbial cliff but in taking this risk I feel secure and free and hopefully I will continue to grow and become and make my future dreams a present reality. Wish me luck!

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