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A Loner? Confessions from this Author

As I prepare for an author interview I find questions depicting authors as socially inept loners who spend most of their time alone, slaving away on their next novel while barely stopping to eat or drink and definitely not to socialize.

I find this truly odd because I cannot relate to this stereotype.

Does this make me not a writer?

I have a full-time job which has nothing to do with writing and I can't imagine not going into work each day.

I work for a non-profit school for children with special needs and their mission keeps me coming back every day. It's truly an amazing place.

I can't imagine spending my days alone.  A few hours maybe but not everyday on end.  

I write when time allows and I guess as a self-published author I have no deadlines except ones I create for myself.  

I am trying really hard not to punish myself if I don't write on any given day, much to the chagrin of some of my readers.

Some days I am too tired, busy or I just want to cuddle up with a good book. Yes, I am an avid reader; a junkie and sometimes there is nothing like a good book.

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