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And The Frock Coat Goes To......

I have been a life-long Anne Rice fan, reading Interview With The Vampire when it first published in 1976 and knowing that she had changed the genre for this bloodthirsty creature.

The buzz for me this fall has been the publication of her latest novel, The Prince Lestat. I too fell in love with this charming vampire along with thousands of other readers and I have since gone onto to read all of her vampire novels as well as her series on The Mayfair Witches, angels and werewolves; however, nothing beats her vampire novels and there is none more famous vampire  than Lestat.


In anticipation of her latest novel, there is much speculation around what actor would play this mercurial, gorgeous vampire on film. Who could fill that frock coat?

I refuse to revisit the original debate that ensued over the actor Tom Cruise landing the role of the infamous vampire and the pros and cons of the studios’ choice. I do know that I loved the movie.  As I mull over all the  possibilities  I have come up with three actors who could bring Lestat to the screen and fill his shoes, or should I say boots? I welcome your feedback too and you can’t tell me you have not thought about this too.

The first gentlemen that comes to mind is Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard. Famously know for his portrayal of  vampire Eric Northman in True Blood; He is tall, blond and frighteningly gorgeous with a very dark side.

My second thought is the lesser known actor Michael Pitt.  Best known for his portrait of troubled gangster Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire, he has the coloring and angst to play Lestat. He too is tall and foreboding and may fit into the eighteenth century quite well.

The third choice is one of my favorite musicians and actors, Jared Leto. His portrayal of Reyon in the film Dallas Buyers Club earned him an Oscar but also my undying love and respect.  I can visualize him prancing around in a lace shirt, high heels with long blond hair. Lestat resurrected as a rock star.  They way I see it,  is already there.

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