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Another Glimpse into Eternal Hunger


Josette adjusted the bodice of her sky-blue gown. She would have chosen another, the forest green gown that matched her emerald eyes, but no, her mother thought this one made her looked older, more mature; as if at almost fourteen she could appear any older. She thought the gown revealed too much décolletages, yet her mother insisted.

“Now, sit child and let me pin up your hair.”

“But, mama, I prefer it down. I thought you loved my curls.”

Her mother pushed her down onto the seat in front of the table de toilette and grabbed her hair brush, obviously ignoring her daughter’s request.

“You look so much more elegant Josette with your hair piled high, now hold still.” Josette watched as her mother systematically brushed her hair and pinned each strand of her dark curls up on her head.

As her mother styled her hair, Josette thought about the upcoming social season and her mother’s ardent quest for a husband. She could not bear to spend another summer reading cards for her mother’s guests while helping her choose a suitable new husband. Perhaps the long winter had made her restless, or the thought of seeing Monsieur Richard once again stirred her blood and gave her hope.

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