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Another Taste of Eternal Hunger

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

What is that saying about the best laid plans? Although my meeting with Victor was never far from my thoughts it seemed impossible to get away on a Friday night.  It seemed when not being a parent to Julien all of my time was spent focusing on a housekeeper.  Michel and I could not seem to agree on anyone and so we were at a stalemate.  Either the woman did not want the job or the person I thought best for the job Michel did not like.  Not that he would be around that much but he strongly opposed any mortals coming into our home. I totally understood. When I went to their townhouse in New York for the first time I was only the third mortal who had ever been allowed entry since 1901.

Vampires were not the most trusting souls and believe me, although I understood I was still annoyed.  I wanted to slip out to the Louvre again and perhaps meet up with Victor.  His words haunted me and I was convinced he knew more about Christian than he was telling me.  Maybe I was desperate to learn something of his whereabouts but until I could get out I was no closer to learning the truth and I was losing patience.

Michel and I were ensconced in front of a roaring fire on a wintry November night locked in one of our typical debates.

"Julien is now two years old. I can’t keep him locked up forever Michel.  He needs to get out and to be around other kids.”

He shrugged and gazed into the fire. I knew he knew I was right but he was trying to come up with a response.  

I gently rubbed his arm. “Come on Michel. Surely you remember being a kid with Christian?  Everyone needs a friend.”

He turned slowly, capturing me with his light green eyes.

“Everything you say is true but Julien is not your typical child. He is vulnerable to forces you cannot imagine.  Even you are in danger every time you leave this house.”

“How many vampires do you really think know we are here?  I went out to the Louvre one night and I was fine.”

I was waiting for a fight when the doorbell interrupted us.

“Are you expecting anyone?”

I was already at the door, wondering if Victor had also lost patience and was taking a more direct route.

He pulled me towards him before I could even speak.

I’m not sure how long we stood in the doorway but I never thought I would be so happy to see Tony.  We had started out as adversaries, vying for the attention of a vampire we both loved and held in the highest esteem.  Tony was their human servant in New York and then I came along and upset the delicate balance of their Upper East Side home.

I had been only the third mortal allowed into their world since they came to New York in 1901. Tony had been number two and I sometime wonder who had been the first person allowed in. I always assumed it was a woman, definitely a beautiful woman but who knows? I guess my jealousy was getting the best of me.

“Oh shit.” I wiped my eyes, leading him inside.

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