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Chateau de Singes

There are places which grab you and never let go. We all have experienced this irrational obsession that grips us and refuses to let go. The Chateau de Singes is one of those places.

A chateau in ruins in Rouen France which has captured my attention. It feels familiar and though in decay I find it breathtaking. It has scant history which makes it all the more mysterious. A place I have never seen in the flesh but only read about on the internet. A place which has become the hub for my third novel, Eternal Hunger.

Not to give too much away but this place has come to the attention of many of my vampires who decide that this place is the perfect setting to hide and plot. In a recent blog Michel reflects on being there one night in the eighteenth century for a party held by the illusive owner who loved to bring mortals and vampire together for more than champagne and a chance to discuss the latest Parisian fashions.

Perhaps these vampires find in it the same qualities that fascinate me.

I share a bit of this mysterious place with you here through the eyes of my vampire, Christian du Mauré and who knows, perhaps I have been there in another lifetime.


It took me a moment to recognize the animal on the painted panels. Barely showing through were images of monkeys.

Château de Singes. Château of Monkeys.

I had heard of this place which was rumored to sit in the forests on the Normandy coast. As a young vampire, there were many distractions in Paris and I had no desire to travel outside the city though I had heard the tales. Maybe it was near the coast of Normandy in Cahaignes? I could not really remember for its location was kept secret even then, though I had heard many a Parisian aristocrats speak of the lurid parties, human sacrifices and the like that went on there and though I ignored such things, chalking them up to nonsense, after what I had experienced recently I now know that anything is possible. I tried to recall everything that I had ever heard about this place despite being such a pragmatic soul, not one prone to suspicions and hearsay.

Now I know better

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