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Down the Road and back again.

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Here we were sorting, tossing and packing for our permanent move out of state. As the deadline grew closer, suddenly my husband and I found that we could not imagine leaving our children and grandchildren. Yes, our move made sense from a financial point of view but we were kidding ourselves. There are times in life when money is truly secondary to a happy heart; to the rewards of our personal relationships, to the feeling of home and security surrounded by our loved ones. This is what makes a house our home.

So now we prepare to head south but only for the winter months. We will return next spring ready to unbox and set up our apartment once again. It will have new carpets and have been painted so it will fell fresh and new and we'll finally settle back in. I feel like the kid who packs a suitcase filled with her favorite book and stuffed animal and plans to leave home only to make it as far as the end of the driveway before deciding that home isn't so bad after all.

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