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Fall is my favorite

Despite being a beach bum, fall is truly my favorite season; beginning with crisp, cooler days and heavier blankets on my bed; mums and pumpkins on the front walk as well as the aroma of pumpkin candles. Deep blue skies with no clouds. The days grow shorter which means more reading and writing and Netflix. I dig out sweaters, boots, candles and heavier pajamas.

I transition from being an outdoor person to looking inward and throughout my apartment. Projects take front and center such as sorting through decades of journals which bring a myriad of memories to the surface, some of happy times and some of such sadness, but it must be done. As I grow a bit older, I wonder, who would sort through all of this when I am gone; maudlin I know, but these realities stare me in the face these days. Life like chapters in a book pass.

Fall is the season when many profound events have taken place in my life; publishing books, book signings, moving... then there are the deaths of loved ones.... fall stirs up so much for me, yet I embrace the cool breeze like a long lost lover and marvel at the multi-colored leaves that fall all around me. Fall is the change that is to come over which I have no control. A new cycle once again.

I am reminded of such a great saying "Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go."

So true.

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