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From The Diary of Josette Delacore ~ Paris, 1793

They flowed out of the heat; detaching themselves from the shadows on a tepid summer night in the year of our Lord 1787. I was but a girl of fifteen yet already deflowered by one of the most powerful vampires in all of Paris and to whose arm I gently clung.  I was just months away from marrying a much older man, yet at that moment time stood still for me as I watched them approach us. I could feel Gaetan shift slightly in front of me as if his actions could shield me from the two of them.

I stood transfixed as they came closer.

They were both tall, well over 6 feet and thin, but that is where any comparison ended, as they were opposites in appearance and later, I would learn, in almost everything under the sun, or should I say stars? It was obvious that my lover Gaetan hated them. I could feel anger pouring from him and then, when the the blond pressed his cold lips to my skin, I shuttered and shattered all in an instant.

Perhaps if they both had just kept walking my life would have turned out very differently, but I had begged an introduction and when his dark eyes locked with mine, I found myself exposed, as if a locked door within my heart flew open and my soul lay exposed for him to look inside. Then he told me his name as his voice curled around me like my favorite silk scarf.

I had willing fallen into a chasm I had no hope of escaping: Christian Du Maure.

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