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Ghislain Reflects on Christian

I hated to admit it but I needed Victor.  I could not leave Christian alone here.  I needed to win him over and help him grasp the true nature of his destiny.  Could he not see how important it was for him to assume the throne and command these vampyres who desperately needed a leader, someone strong, and detached who would be fair and who straddled both worlds, though he would never admit it. Christian saw himself as neither mortal nor vampyre; abhorring the taking of blood and wielding control over mortals.  

It was only their art, music, museums and literature he loved and he gravitated towards the best of what the human race had to offer while wanting none of the complications of human relationships.   

Perhaps he could not see it but he has a heart full of love and longing, regret, guilt and despair just like any human and I believe it saved him from becoming a monster, as the vampyre race tends to be depicted in literature and film.  He did the unthinkable, leaving his maker and threatening the very order of his kind.  

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