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Happy Halloween!

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

It’s the perfect time to once again dwell on my love of vampires and their continued hold over me and my writing.

My obsession began when I was a high school student and I read Interview with The Vampire by Anne Rice. This novel changed my perception of this creature and started my life-long love affair with the works of Anne Rice. She turned the myth of the vampire from a mindless creature of the night into an erotic being, wealthy, cultured and simply beautiful.

In my own writings, my vampires share the same characteristics and to this day I ask myself ‘what is it about this creature that continues to resonate with me? Why am I writing ‘vampire novels?'.

Perhaps it is the power they hold over us mortals; the power to control us, whisk us away never to been seen or heard from again, or to show us worlds we can only imagine. They possess the power to do good and they hold the balance of life and death in their hands. My protagonist, Christian, is a vampire who very much loves to be left alone to read and listen to great works of music, but he wields a machete with ease and has no qualms over taking a life whether it be vampire or mortal.

In my current project, Eternal Hunger, Amanda Perretti meets up with just this type of vampire: Ancient, handsome, charming and because of his love for her he protects her from beings much less scrupulous. He gives her and her son a home and a life that she could never have imagined. He lures her with his wealth which includes stores of remnants of furnishings from the French Revolution. She manages to live safely, hidden from those who would kill her and her son.

What is the price she must pay? All will be revealed as Eternal Hunger unfolds and I continue with this series.

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