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Nothing But Love for Immortal Obsession!

  • "Nothing is black and white but there are numerous of shades of gray in-between and I found that quite honest and real." ~I Work for Books

  • "Glamour and danger mix in a dark combination of romance and suspense."~Feathered Quill Book Reviews

  • "The emotions I felt when reading this book ran from one extreme to the other throughout the story. The villains in this story had several layers which only added to the danger and excitement. The way this story captivated my time I could not quit until the very end. The action and the confrontations were extreme and a bit more graphic than other reads, but this just added to the intensity of the struggle they were all facing." ~Bitten by Books

  • "Immortal Obsession is a book with so many layers of history and emotion you simply can’t stop turning pages to see what happens next." ~Vampire Romance Books

  • "I like Denise K. Rago's vampires, they remind me of Anne Rice's immortals, with their beauty and seductiveness. The love story within the book was interesting and I kept wondering when and if Christian and Amanda would get together. I liked Christian and how he still kept a shred of humanity within himself." ~The Bookworm NJ

  • "This book is mad house crazy, whirlwind of events. It is fast pace, will never let you up for air, and I doubt you would ever want to. Nothing is as it seems. I found the twists to be unpredictable." ~WereVamps Romance

  • "The first word that comes to mind in describing this book is intense. The emotions are vivid and throw you into the book without a second glance back." ~Geek on the Brink

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