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Other than writing... or more writing?

Yes, it finally has happened to me.

I am at an impasse with my latest novel in The Enchanted Blood Line Series.

Every writer approaches writers block differently. I am no exception. Generally I take a break when my story stops coming to me as to not frustrate myself further. It's like having insomnia. Rather than lying in bed staring at my ceiling in the dark I get up and grab a book or I write in my journal. Stay creative and stimulated.

I am catching up on some much needed summer reading. During the pandemic I lost my desire to read. I never imaged this could happen to me but it did. As I dared confess this to my friends who are also avid readers I found that they too had a similar experience. Whether it was anxiety over life in general or the inability to focus on more than survival, whatever the case I could not read. So now I feel more safe and secure in my daily life and to no surprise, my reading has picked up once again.

All is right with the world.

Dare I share here that I have started another novel, nothing like my vampire series but more of a thriller....

This is the first time I am putting this out there and though I have the title and all of the characters, the story needs to flush out in my head before I commit these characters to paper. All I can tell you right now is it is a thriller. I have been digging through my old personal journals, reliving the past and all that brings to the surface. I found myself asking the question "'What if....." and I imagined a myriad of answers. One which may turn into this novel.

Stay tuned, stay safe and love one another.

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