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Patio musings.

Most folks know I winter in southern Florida. My husband and I have been coming down here for over twenty years. At first, we came to visit my mother-in-law during our school vacations and then we decided that we loved it here so much we bought our own place. Once we both retired we decided to become snow birds. A phrase which aptly describes those who winter in a warmer climate.

I do most of my writing from my patio which over looks our community pool. Not far beyond the distant palm trees is the Atlantic Ocean and my true happy place, Red Reef Park. You may wonder why someone who writes about vampires and the dark world they inhabit would love warmer weather, the beach and the sun. I never claimed to be uncomplicated.

As I continue to work on the draft of book four in The Enchanted Blood Line Series I ponder the future of my vampires Christian and Michel, and of course, the mysterious Amanda whose mortal life is intertwined with their own. Will this be the end of the series? Am I done with writing about vampires, only to move into the direction of psychological thrillers and more broken love affairs? I am not sure right now but I thank you for always supporting my journey. I plan a sending out a newsletter in April with more updated content along with other news.

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