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Secrets travel fast in Paris ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Everyone has secrets. I frequently ponder what manner of secrets my friends and loved ones hold. Do you ever wonder just what your spouse, partner, lover or friend may not be sharing with you? Have you ever known someone for a very long time who one day in the course of regular conversation just happens to share something you had no idea was a part of their history? This knowledge will change how you view them, though I'm not saying its for better or worse. It just is.

Yes, we all have secrets, but the thing is, my novels are built around secrets.

As I begin my fourth book in this series; tentatively titled "All That Remains," I am still grappling with my characters secrets. Vampires can live for a very long time and carry with them some pretty powerful secrets, especially those who dwell in the enchanted city of Paris. Like us mere mortals, they love their secrets too. Secrets keep vampires alive (along with blood) as they are power, and power is very, very seductive.

The best part about a secret is that it can be sprung at the most inopportune time, rattling more than a few immortal cages. My guess is that secrets are spilled more often than not by those immortals, and so, It's like the observation made by Napoleon centuries ago, yes, secrets travel fast in Paris.

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