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Summer Fun!

It's summertime!

Delicious fruits, flowers and herbs, longer days, bright sun, swimming pools, beautiful beaches, long hikes and endless possibilities. A time to relax and regroup, read, rest and enjoy the benefits of quieter days. When I worked in a private school I would so look forward to the summertime complete with less work hours, more vacation time and a chance to unwind and recharge my battery. Now that I am retired, summertime is spent with my grand kids and my wonderful husband and working on my latest novel.

Though the title keeps changing, it is book four in The Enchanted Blood Line series. Many questions have been raised throughout the course of this series and I hope to answer at least some of them. When asked if this is it for Christian, Amanda and Michel, I shrug my shoulders and say 'I don't know' because honestly I don't. The Prologue has changed considerably as well as the order of each part of this book. Each of my characters has a story to tell and needs to be heard. Since I am still unsure of the ending I would suggest signing up for my newsletter because in it I post free chapters of my current work or check back here.

No events on the horizon right now. If you wish to order signed copies of any of my books let me know. I ship anywhere in the United States and I am happy to sign a copy or two or as many as you need.

Books read. I generally read page turners so I would recommend The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave, Red Widow by Alma Katsu or if you like really eerie books The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon. Well written and guaranteed to keep you up way past your bed time.

A cute, well written romance title The Road Trip by Beth O' Leary was recommended to me. I tend to stay away from romance novels but this one held my attention and made me laugh and cry too.

What are your plans this summer? More folks are getting out on the road and traveling. I have visited my beloved Cape Cod and I have booked my return for the fall.

For those of you who are new to my website please drop by again soon.

Stay safe and thank you.

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