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Thank You

I hate to be so cliché but where did this year go? Before you know it you may find yourself sipping a hot toddy while sitting before a roaring fire singing this classic Scottish song. It always brings tears to my eyes for it represents the passage of time and memories of loved ones held dear.

Time is moving much too quickly and as the year winds down I guess I will make the last post of 2015 a simple thank you.

To my beloved family and friends; thank you for your support. To all the readers and bloggers; thank you for your reviews of both my novels. I am forever amazed at what others see in my novels.

To Kelly Jones and Misty Layne of Social Marketing Solutions two great ladies who handle much of the public relations and marketing for me. To Lindsey Donner and Luis Cortes of who created my website. All of these professionals are there when I need their guidance and I could not imagine trying to manage all of this without them.

I have made a lot of new friends on social media this year and although we may never actually meet I am always amazed at their kindness and support. I became a member of a book club based in England which has exposed me to great authors and way too many books. Members come from all over but the one thing that we share is a love of books. I would say more than a love of books. It is a passion continually fueled by new novels and support of our reading habits. Thank you Tracy Fenton and all the folks at The Book Club for a job well done.

On a very personal note, I moved over the summer which meant downsizing too. I had the tough choice of giving away boxes of books simply because I no longer had the space for them all. I chose to donate at least 20 boxes of books to the Literacy Advocacy center in the town where I grew up. Though encouraged to sell them on the internet, I found that donating them to my community was a way to give back and to encourage others to read as well. It was a win-win for all.

I must publicly thank my husband, children and extended family. I love them beyond measure and they make my life so rich and meaningful. As the year winds down, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and only the best in the New Year.

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