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Time Flies

Working on book three in my vampires chronicles and toying with the idea of a novella. I want to share with you the life of Josette Delacore the young, mortal aristocrat who captures the hearts of not one, nor two but three powerful vampires in eighteenth century Paris.  She intrigues me.  So young and beautiful and yet, not naive or too trusting.  

I have been busy promoting Blood Tears.  Readers have been raving about both this novel and my debut novel, Immortal Obsession. This thrills me but please, share your kind words about my novels with your friends, family, in your coffee shops, book stores and on social media.  Even a few kind words on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook or Pinterest can do wonders for independent writers like myself.

Meanwhile, summer is moments away.  Longer days, warmer days and as much time spent outside as humanly possible.


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