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A Taste of Book Three

"It happened again Michel."

Her eyes seemed to illuminate from within as she spoke, turning from the colors of the forest to almost peridot in color. Michel fought the pull of those eyes and everything about Amanda Perretti. She reminded him so much of Josette Delacore he could not help losing himself as she spoke, her voice wrapping around him like a silk scarf. Josette had a lilting laugh. Centuries later he could still hear her; a soft voice yet a lilting laugh, nothing like Amanda's New York accent.

And yet he found himself mesmerized.

"Michel, you're not listening." She shook his arm gently.

"Forgive me, what were you saying?" He consciously stepped away from her thinking it might help him focus.

"The happened again. I dreamt about Christian again last night."

Christian Du Maure. His best friend since the 1700's and Amanda's current lover.

Michel had heard it before. She insisted Christian was trying to reach her. She had uncanny psychic abilities, just like Josette, her distant relative, but her dreams were unnerving him.

"He was in this vast room with plaster walls that were falling down all around him. The windows were broken and the floor covered in piles of plaster. I knew he was being held captive." She stared off past him.

"Amanda, any vampire could climb out a window or smash a door in. How could he be locked in such a place?"

"I know it sounds strange but I ....he's being held against his will Michel. He cannot get out of's an abandoned house. He paces and there's some sort of design on the walls. I have to find this place."

Michel felt a chill at the possiblity that Amanda was right and his best friend was being held as some sort of captive in France. It was not possible that any mortal could hold him but then perhaps his captor was not mortal.


"Michel, let me get my laptop. I need to start searching for abandoned chateaux in France. Perhaps I will recognize the place."

"Then what?" Michel shrugged following after her.

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