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Blood Tears ~ Ghislain

Many readers are asking about the mysterious Ghislain.....Not to give too much away but here is an excerpt from about him from Blood Tears....

It seemed to take forever to cross the Bois and approach Paris from the west.  Perhaps it was that thought of entering the massive ossuary that made Ghislain's blood chill in his veins and his pace slow to almost a crawl.  He needed to speak to Victor, but since the ancient vampire had taken to nesting below ground, he would also have to venture down into the Roman quarries that had provided the stone for the soaring cathedrals and buildings of the twelfth century.

Ghislain reflected back on the Roman legions that had made France and England their home, and how he had met the vampire [Victor] for the first time in a battle north of Hadrian's Wall in what became the country of Scotland.  Victor was what history books called a Pict; a member of an ancient people who lived in northern Scotland and fought against the Romans who were expanding northward.  Ghislain had taken the guise of a Roman soldier back then.  Young and powerful, he had relished the bloodshed, which gave him free reign to drink from the dying mortals all around him.

Instead of taking Victor's life, Ghislain had offered him a place in the Roman army, and so the two of them had worked their way from England to Scotland, then to Ireland and back to France just as the Romans were losing their hold in the West.  Ghislain had made Victor vampire and though their paths crossed over the years they lost contact in the early nineteenth century.

And now he lived in the catacombs like a rat.

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